About Us

Welcome to Halifax & Calderdale Mumbler!

Hi! I’m Charlotte, mum to three mini-mumblers, with a passion for bringing mums together.

I moved to Halifax from abroad after my youngest was born, and immediately fell in love with the gorgeous scenery,  fabulous parks and fun things to do with the kids. But I quickly became frustrated by how hard it was to find a comprehensive list of mum and baby classes close to me, and struggled to make a new ‘village’ for me and my two littles.

That’s why I started Calderdale Mumbler. I hope that by compiling all the wonderful things Calderdale has to offer families, that others will be able to connect, find things to do and fall in love with the area the way I have.

I’d love to hear what you would like to see here, so please drop me a line at Calderdale@mumbler.co.uk or join in the chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Charlotte x