About Us

Welcome to Halifax & Calderdale Mumbler

Halifax & Calderdale Mumber is run by Sarah & Georgia who between them have 4 kids aged 2- 10 years old, so they are certainly busy!

Being incredibly aware of how busy life can be as a parent, Georgia & Sarah want to be part of something that made the whole parenting thing a little easier; a resource that provides up-to-date, local information specifically for parents in one single place. Halifax & Calderdale Mumbler is fast-becoming the ultimate local parenting online community with sites in other locations such as Harrogate, Hull, York, Ripon & Nidderdale, Doncaster, Norwich, Wakefield and Dorset.

We’d love to hear what you would like to see here, so please drop me a line at Calderdale@mumbler.co.uk or join in the chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


A note about advertising on Halifax & Calderdale Mumbler

“Halifax & Calderdale Mumbler is a business and we are very lucky to have the opportunity to make a living doing something we love. Whilst we will never charge parents to use a Mumbler site, we do accept paid-for advertising from carefully selected companies to advertise and to promote them on this website and social media and we will never make a secret of that. It is very similar to how traditional advertising works, like in a magazine or local newspaper or radio.

We closely vet the companies and service providers who approach Mumbler and if necessary, we turn things down because we don’t like the company, the product, or don’t agree with the brand’s ethos, or don’t think it’s relevant to our Mumbler audience.

We will only ever partner with businesses and brands that are reputable and relevant to the Mumbler community. Whenever we do talk about a brand or a product, it will be because we genuinely like it and think that the Mumblers might too. We will always be honest – we won’t recommend someone or something if they are secretly a bit rubbish.”